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A person who flies zeppelins to their work or school.
Person 1: Hey did you know Jim is a lorg?
Person 2: Really? I thought he just caught the taxi.
by SnakeIs56 October 10, 2007
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A word invented for the purpose of trying to fool someone into thinking that it is an insulting word, when in reality it doesnt mean anything.
Person 1:your such a lorg
Person 2:oh....
Person 1:i bet you don't even know what lorg means
Person 2:(lying) yes i do!
Person 1:HAHAHA lorg isnt even a word!!!
by David Sherman August 15, 2006
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Person 1: Hey, were you there for LoRG last night at the bar?
Person 2: yeah. I had to walk out during Lorraine. It smelled so bad I threw up in my mouth.
by The Inuit King March 22, 2017
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