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Attractive and look after their appearance and are incredible charming. They are extremely self-confident - self-satisfied even, at times. Skillful and communicative to the point of being chatterboxes, they are also adaptable. Emotional, sensitive and imaginative, they are anxious and can be known to feel discouraged if life lets them down. As children, they are easy-going and rather mischievous. They like to be the centre of attention. It would therefore be wise to encourage them to learn a foreign language . They are delightfully pleasant so naturally they have a lot of friends. However they tend to "change" often because they are versatile and very popular. In effect, they are held in high admiration by those around them, undoubtedly due to their ease of elocution and their magnetic presence.
I would love to have a friend like Loreta so caring , funny and charming.
by lolka1 May 29, 2016
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Loreta is a very charming girl. Although she may look like a man at times, she is a very attractive girl with a big bust. Loreta's are known chatter boxes but can get very shy and quit around new people or people she is not comfortable with. This girl brightens every room she steps into. She has very bubbly personalty and is liked by everyone She doesn't express feelings and it gets to the point where it seems like she has no problems at all, but trust me, she does. I this girl tells you how she feels about you, consider yourself lucky because this does not happen often. Loreta's are funny, kind, smart, weird, and elite to all other people. Loreta's are some of the greatest people you will every met. Take good care of them.
Person 1:" Isn't that Loreta?"
Person 2: "yes that is, shes my best friend"
Person 1: "no way! you are so lucky! she is SO ELITE!"
by gotem777 August 23, 2019
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