Looshy is an amazing Minecraft YouTuber and pvp texture pack creator. All of her texture packs she creates are far above the others.
A: Who made that phenomenal pack?

B: Looshy, of course.
by Ophylo October 15, 2020
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Some what nasty, yet delicious, in a spoogie, looshie kind of way.
"What do you mean, you didn't swallow?" That shit is spooge-a-looshis.
by Disarray Dayjunay October 18, 2020
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Person who gets their packs stealed.
Oh my god Latenci didn't credit me. Looshy got her texture pack stolen
by NonG0d November 21, 2017
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The most amazing son a parent can ask for, Looshy is also a talented artist and an amazing basketball player.
I wish I was a looshy
by Abswa May 16, 2022
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