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A type of basketball shot that involves the ball bouncing on the rim several times before falling into the hoop. It is usually a hook shot by a center that seems lucky to go in.
Wow, what a lucky looping plopper!

Wow, that was some kind of looping plopper!

Al Horford scores most of his points off looping ploppers.
by Ripper J April 21, 2008
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Defined as a field goal in basketball in which the shot follows a "loopy" trajectory, characerized by a high arc and punctuated by the incidence of the ball hitting the rim or the backboard in a fashion which is seen as lucky or heavily reliant on chance. The term plopper is derived from the fact that the ball "plops" in, meaning it drops into the basket in an unconventional way. Al Horford regularly relies on looping ploppers.
"Al Horford with a looping plopper. See Chuck, he's been doing that all season long"
by Ripper Jay April 22, 2008
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