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being so disgusted and laughing so damn hard at somebody elses embarrassing and unfortunate life choices. and vomitting not only because its so yuck but because you laughed so hard about it.
holy fuck did you see kaylas n00dz yesterday? i lolmitted all over my computer!
by Jchoo June 28, 2011
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When a co-worker nervously laughs multiple times while explaining something in order to mask their fear. The sound can be awkward and forced, usually elevating the volume multiple levels above the statement itself. Those nearby can feel awkward or uncomfortable, even a bit nauseous.
I overheard Adam explaining how he fucked up that submssion, he kept lolmitting after every other sentence, it was so loud and awkward, I had to put on my headphones and blow out my ear drums.
by imrightheretrustme March 22, 2019
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