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A combination of something "funny" (hence: "lol") and something delicious and/or lucious.
The first tofurky became a blazing inferno after they thought the oil had to be boiling. I cracked up so hard the hors d'oeuvres that I was eating went everywhere. It was lol'cious.

Mila Cunas is hot AND she's funny. She's simply lol'cious.
by MrBreezy December 09, 2010
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When a word or phrase is so funny you notice you can taste it. Typical for iFunny and Ccomedy Ccentral viewers to experience this phenomenon.
Leroy's friend told him the story of how him and his ex-girlfriend would just never work out after he cheated on her with her sister, but hoped she would come around. Leroy just thought, "That's lolcious".
by Character_Recreate November 02, 2013
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