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A non-secret secret organization created to exclude others.

Activities include telling other people they cannot be in Lock Club, explaining why they cannot be in Lock Club, and voting on various Lock Club issues.

Voting when issues arise is mandatory for all Lock Club members. A unanimous vote is required to actually change anything, unless Alby really wants to, and Joe kinda backs him up a bit. Facists.

Offshoots of Lock Club include:
- Glock Club, a CS clan shut down due to lack of interest.
- Rock Club, consists of Dan, and his heart really isn't in it.
- The Meeyokeys, consists of anyone who can actually make that sound.
- There are rumors of a "People who have taken a piss on Nonnie" offshoot, but these are unverified.

Remember, you cannot join Lock Club. No matter how much you beg. Because that's the point. Get it? No, you can't join. Yes, we know it's YOU, but that would undermine the entire point of it. Fine, we'll take a fucking vote...
Dude, why can't I join Lock Club?
by Moses February 05, 2005
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