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Natives of any town or city that have never been outside that area. These natives are oblivious to other cultures and ways of living. Chances are they never graduated high school, owned a car, or had drivers license( and dont see any reason to do so). They usually think they are way ahead of the game, while actually being hopelessly ignorant and easy to figure out. Sometimes having spent thier entire life in one particular area of said town, they still couldnt tell you where the nearest post office is. Unfortunately where ever you move to youre likely to run into a bunch of these. They have a complete lack of ambition, and are happy with sleeping on their Moms couch and catching the city bus.
The local joker exclaimed "this is my block, my hood!" I then asked him where the nearest gas station was and he said hed never been more than three blocks away from where he was standing, and didnt know. He then proceded to drink a 40 and beat his baby momma.
by A07 December 31, 2008
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