abbreviation "let me live my life," used to justify one's actions in response to a comment or act directed at a person in attempt to prohibit said person from making independent decisions or to interfere with a person's current circumstance. Generally jusifying an unwise decision.
"You really should try to study instead of going out the night before a big test"

"Just Lmlml!"
by mynameispeg August 24, 2009
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Jonie: "Susie, your hair looks wack today..."

Susie: "Idgaf Jonie. lmlml."
by entertheninja November 5, 2015
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LMLML is an acronym for Let Me Live My Life, it is normally said to someone as a means of telling them to mind their own business
LMLML Bruce!
by Sankysosa November 14, 2017
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