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Word meaning an extreme form of LMAO

Coined by LG MK and wetfootbob
Hold On I'm going to go spread some lmayonaise on my roflwaffle
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a word coined by Bola, of South Florida.

used to accentuate the term lmao. ( laughing my ass off)

use it.

Guy: I like eggs.

by Rickjamesnegro March 23, 2007
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When u need to pee and poo at the same time because we’re just like that and u want to laugh at urself then u realise that it’s not normal to feel that way so u call the police and then the police come to ur house and break your door and yell FBI OPEN UP and u scream and fall into the toilet
Yesterday I lmayonaised
by Wdlifgf March 01, 2019
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