omg teh lmaoplane is liek "KILL TEH ROFLCOPTER" with teh kamikaze. then teh lollerskaters are liek "fire teh guns rofl! pwn teh coptah!" then teh roflcopter is liek WTF?^^ tiem for pwnage rofl and its like }OMG) MISSILE AT TEH NUB LMAOPLANES AND 10 WTFBombs> FOR TEH LOLLERSKATERS ROFLOL GG GL HF
um look at teh definition nub rofl
by teh_rofler November 15, 2004
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"Jeeves i wish to book a flight to Stanstead on the LMAOPLANE..."
" certainly Sir, U R teh haXX"
by pete May 05, 2005
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a word made to make fun of the well known "roflcopter", and whoever made that gay ass word.

jill- hey

jon- i just saw step brothers! roflcopter!!

jill- lmaoplane

jon- what?

jill- lmaoplane
by stanfan675 May 01, 2009
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1:) LMAOplanes is something commonly used by pr0 gamers in Counter-Strike, ect. after someone get owned people usually like to say LMAOPLANES, commonly used in sentances such as:
"I flew a LMAOplane into the world AFK center"
"SaintDog Owns LMAOAirlines"
2:) What Furby's mom drives to work in.
SaintDog: Furby's gay.
Furby: rofl dont make me suck your dick.
SaintDog: LMAOplanes
by SaintDog March 10, 2006
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