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somebody that hits 360 no scopes and eats lots of Doritos and is said to be part of the Illuminati and or faze clan he doesn't hit any hitmarkers besides red ones. He is the very best member of the faze clan illuminati and Team Seige and or OpTic gaming. He gets lots of pussy too
Damn look at lleyton what a fucking badass
by howardlleyton June 09, 2016
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A guy who is generally likable but has weird fetishes. His range between woman lye around 4 - 6. He knows how to game 101 and beats a guy someone by bullshitting the game. His favorite game is Minecraft and doesn't hate people unless they are annoying as fuck. In class, he makes noises like Waluigi but still gets good grades.
Lleyton: Hey man, lets place shome MINECWAFT
by HentaiExpert101 September 19, 2018
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A legend who is extremely good at basket ball he'll cross you up then take your bitch and yell COME ON
Damn look at Lleyton crossing that boi up
by despacito500 August 16, 2018
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