A very sassy girl. She's loyal, beautiful, nice, and very determined. She'll fight for whatever she believes in. Also has a very hot body. Every guy lines up to just talk to her. She comes across as a very spirited person, loyal and doesn't care what anyone thinks but deep inside she's very sensitive and cares for people. She may look like she doesn't know anything but she is very smart. Very confident too. You literally could talk to her almost about anything and everything. Don't ever try to pick a fight (verbally or physically) because she will always win.
turtle 1: whose that?
turtle 2: oh that's Lizza

turtle 1: Eliza?

turtle 2: no Lizza!

turtle 1: oh I heard she's very mean
turtle 2: She could be mean to you only if you deserve it. Never make fun of anything that involves her. She'll pound you.
by Sandia September 01, 2015
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Liza koshy is the best YouTuber I the world she is funny makes inappropriate jokes but still kid friendly and makes everyone laugh there heads off Liza koshy for life
Girl1: Do you know lizza koshy
Girl2: No who is she
Girl1: Bish you are a dead bish
by LizaDaGirl January 23, 2018
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A unique name with a unique spelling. Anna-Lizza is the name given to a woman who possesses rare beauty, class, and grace. There is none like her. She is lovely, yet mysterious and many secretly wish to know her. Anna-Lizzas are very creative, organize, and extremely friendly.
My heart was taken by an Anna-Lizza across the room. How I longed to meet this rare & beautiful creature.
by AngelMomma February 02, 2010
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