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lizmarie is a person with a big heart. she's also so sweet. no matter how much she doubts herself shes beautiful in everyway. You would be lucky enough to be lizmarie's bestfriend. she's always there when you need her. she's there when you need someone to cry on. lizmarie is just an amazing over all. People hate on her because they are way to jealous of her. but yet, never get lizmarie mad or get on her bad side. Bad things would come to you. lizmarie is a type of person to forgive and forget. she's extremely smart and she's totally a go getter. lizmarie is always down for new things. not only her parents love her but your parents would love her to. but overall lizmarie is just a classy ass bitch. so youre lucky if you have a friend name lizmarie
example..... hi there lizmarie
by honey1-1 June 05, 2018
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