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Fun, yet beautiful, cool, but quiet at sometimes. A girl with this name is just amazing, gorgeous, the whole 9 yards. Lizet's are fun to be with and funny.

If you know a Lizet or Dating a Lizet... Please Cherish her every way you can and never say something that you don't mean or feel towards a Lizet. Lizet's are worth it... worth everything.

L - Loving
I - Irreplaceable
Z - Zexy
E - Energetic
T - Talented

Lizet's are the Keepers. 100%
You look like a Lizet =
by Purple210 August 26, 2009
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A beautiful girl who is really nice and cares about people, she is also sensitive and usually lizet's are Hispanics

Loves to have fun and always has a smile on her face gives no fucks about what people think about her and she's probably a freaking probably has big boobs but she has a hilarious laugh and loves I hang out with her friends and lizet's are usually really pretty !!! & thickkk Get yourself a lizet ;)
by Nibba jeff July 18, 2017
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