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A Lizet is always there when your going through hard times, they are there to mold you into a better person. Lizets are beautiful and at times to critical of themselves.Lizets are outgoing and caring and are not afraid to make a fool out of themselves. Lizets are popular and don’t mind putting themselves out there.

If you meet a Lizet do everything in your power to not let go of them because if you do you will have a void in your heart that cannot be filled. If you love a Lizet don’t let go of them because they will mean the world to you
Have you seen Lizet today?
by Top wall January 26, 2019
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She may be the giggle at the a funeral, a person who always is able to make a bad day a bright and hopeful one.

A Lizet has beautiful eyes and dimples which she is way to critically of. A Lizet will mold you into a better person.

Words cannot describe how much a Lizet means to you. She may ask you for your honest feelings and all you can say is I don’t know because you really can’t put them into words.
It’s gonna be a good day because Lizet says so.
by Top wall February 9, 2019
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