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A man, small in stature, who attempts to overcome the way he believes other people perceive him (as a diminuative character) by 1) attaching himself to authority figures, 2) trying to manipulate himself into positions of control, 3) migrating toward positions of leadership, and 4) having a fairly volatile temper.
I had a boss with little man syndrome and besides never being able to please him, he always had to prove he was better than anyone else!
by notgnostic November 08, 2006
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A rare disease where someone is abnormally small and has to make up for it by acting hard
Why are you hitting me you midget? You've got little man syndrome
by 9races March 27, 2016
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Condition whereby undersized men compensate for their smallness by physically asserting their presence.
That Puerto Rican just freaked on me when I stepped on his puma—he’s got a bad case of little man syndrome.
by P. Chop October 15, 2003
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When a man of short stature feels insecure and as a result feels the need to belittle and offend others to make himself feel proud.
When a small man (with little man syndrome) greets you with: "Oh still feeling ill? By the looks of you, its pretty obvious!" (or something similar)
by S. Ashburne February 23, 2010
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When a small man feels the need to out do a normal size man in order to feel bigger then he is.
Boy Chris really has little man syndrome today. He feels he needs to drink more then everyone else.
by Blue Knight April 22, 2003
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When a guy is short and has an attitude problem because he is bitter at society for looking down on short guys.
Damn, I just got rejected by the bouncer that I was a lot taller than at the bar, he must have had a bad case or little man syndrome.
by Erica April 23, 2004
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A person who thinks that he/she is bigger than they really are and tries to fight anyone as a result of it.
by Ian Cash December 26, 2011
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