a dumbass idiot roblox youtuber who destroys well built houses on bloxburg
a: lisa gaming roblox sucks
b: yes
by tu nombre real October 1, 2020
lisa gaming roblox is an 9 year old girl who pretends she's the queen of roblox.

her and her idiotic squad sucks, all she wants is attention and if you get mad at her she will be happy because that what's she wants.
person 1: hey, you saw the channel lisa gaming roblox?
person 2: no, i haven't, can i see it?
person 1: sure... *shows lisa gaming roblox's channel*
person 2: ew, a wannabe queen of roblox *throws phone cutely*
a person who destroys bloxburg houses and "trolls" youtubers
lisa gaming roblox is a greedy ass dirtbag who destroys houses on bloxburg and is to scared to mic up
by thatguywhomakesstuff October 14, 2020
A stupid bitch that’s brainless and shitposts and wears diapers and a faggot
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX is a retarded ROBLOX YouTuber
by Casenisum June 18, 2021
Tha worst roblox youtuba eva. Biatch be a beaner-like cockmonglin' wop. Her asshole wannabe niggaz look like bitches.
Lisa Gaming ROBLOX is the biggest hoe ever. Prada Gaming ROBLOX is a freaking dago. Her other friends are sambo-ass honkies.
by chips March 11, 2021
She's the queen of roblox. She has many jealous haters and she has the prettiest avatar on ROBLOX.
A) I wanna meet Lisa gaming ROBLOX
B) Sure, I'll take you to the queen
by TannedPink February 23, 2021