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a Korean girl streamer with the cutest voice and amazing talents
her talents include being a r8 8/8 gr8 @ b8ing & a lot of other stuff LoL player (Lolily , NA - not accepting requests) but w8 there's more
she's also a very dedicated pianist and artist
you can also see her on youtube , where she posts stream bits , league related entertainment , other gr8 non league related entertainment , covers , and a lot of great stuff
she's also played with many other well known streamers

she's very positive and kind c:
Friend 1 : hey did you see lilypichu play yesterday ?
Friend 2 : oh lily ? aw no , I missed it .
Friend 3 : don't worry I think she'll be on again today !
Friend 4 : I heard she's gonna stream with keyori again soon !
Friend 5 : oooh really ? I can't wait to watch !
by symlc January 08, 2015
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