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A specialy trained ho that is better than any other at what they do. They specialize in everything. Many are raised in North America and Scandinavia. Are also talented in flinging small vegetables over a 26 mile radius.
My lilrockaho,Sam, can throw a pea to Africa.
by sams bitch July 14, 2006
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Leiderhosen worn in a tight and upright manner to make it seem the ground is running below you, as if the earth does your running for you. May also refer to superheros who wear thier underpants on the outside making them look like they just got off the job at thier local whore house.
"Look at his Lilrockaho. Its as if the world runs for him!"

"Look at that Lilrockaho. Its as if he just got off his job... litterally"
by Indiesuxhardlinesuxemosux September 13, 2006
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