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Lilly Grace is a shy quite reserved character but she puts on a face to be bigger but really she isn’t. All her friends think she’s changed but really she’s just the old Lilly grace everyone knows her as. If your to meet a girl called Lilly Grace you will be sure that she will always look after you and be there for u through everything. We all need a Lilly Grace in our lives.
Lilly Grace is a asset to everyone, we all need one!
by Tiger- Lillie May 05, 2018
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She is a short girl that gets lost in the crowd. She sucks my dick all the time
LG have a deep you know what
She sucked me in the bathroom
Lillygrace is the best head giver
by Papiricco March 07, 2019
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an ugly, gross and mean person that makes you want to kill someone.
she is mean to everyone and will lie about everything.
that's the person who is bullying me she is such a lilly grace.
by fuck fakes101 May 30, 2018
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