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A large cunt: a distended, fuzzy, unkempt, diseased, sexually promiscuous junkie prostitute. May exhibit dendrophilia-- such a curious sexual drive, trees arouse her/him-- or other bizarre fetishes.
That girl must be a lillette; look what she did to my dog! He'll never feel the same again.
by Pine Knizzle March 28, 2006
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An awesome super juggalette that is a true lette. a lil lette would do anything for her family. She is female and little alos is a eh-pick person and there nothing bad you can say about her that wouldn't be a lie. sometimes a nympho ;)
Person 1: Look at that amazing girl with juggalo gear
Person 2: yeah man she looks like a lil lette

chick 1: look at that bitch *trys to copy her
dude 1: quit trying to act like a lil lette n be your self
by The Real Twitch SkarKro January 01, 2011
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A Lover Rebel Type. Lillette is a treasure hunting woman who seeks to find beauty in the world and share it with others. She thrives on bringing mysterious and benevolent gifts to others that might make their life better. She has an uncanny knack for revealing treasures previously lost in the most unusual places. An avid adventure and an independent soul, Lillette} will travel the world to locate lost things and pair them with new owners. In one month, you might find her in a yurt in Mongolia, a flea market in Italy, and a glacier in Iceland.
A beautiful gift arrived at my doorstep, it had no tag. Must've been the work of a Lillette.
by WesternHorizon May 27, 2018
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