The hottest motha fuckin white rapper. Maybe the hottest ever!!!!!
That lil wyte is hott as hell!
by Anonymous July 11, 2003
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a white south rapper that would shit al over Eminem anyday, in tha hands.anbd his rhymes r better.
lil wyte is a beast ass rappe
by Tommy April 17, 2005
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Moron: Lil Wyte is the Eminem of the south
Me: Are you joking? My grandma could battle that bitch
by Head March 31, 2005
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The best damn white rapper to ever touch a mic.
Yo Eminem is alright, but Lil Wyte is off the mafuckin' chain dude!
by Icy Wyte December 29, 2017
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a talentless wigger rapper from memphis who's dead now.
playa fly is better than that dead, talentless wigger, lil wyte and any other current member of the cocksucking triple bitch mafia.
by the-sawed-off-gangsta April 24, 2006
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a fake-ass bitch who's pretending to be black
Oi, did you just see that Lil' Wyte, trying to act black, hahahahaha
by mario kaker August 30, 2006
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