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lil tony is a tall black muscular rapper who smokes weed with his nigga's bitches and has a gay ass brother named lil toni
guy 1: you heard what lil tony did with yo bitch
guy 2: nah nigga what did he do
guy 1: he fucked her good and then smoked some weed with her
guy 2: well there's nothing i can do

guy 1: true

guy 3: you know lil tony's bro is gay right
guy 1 and 2: my nigga it's 2018 what's wrong with you
by big black bus June 13, 2018
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short for 'Pretty Tony'or 'Tony Montana', used as Southern Slang for a pretty boy, pimp or hustler (drug dealer)
Look at 'Lil'Tony' making all of the moves.
by J. Woody September 25, 2003
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1) A very small penis and/or scrotum.
2) Appears to be that of a 8 year old boy's genitalia.
Erica laughed when she saw Scooter's 1 inch lil' Tony.
by Diego January 16, 2003
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A bitch ass nigger! He is janky and stays on fortnite everyday and sweats on squeakers. He gets no hoes and everyone dislikes him for being so bitch made
WOW you didnt come to my party, you are acting like a Liltony
by goated male June 02, 2019
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