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lil tony is a tall black muscular rapper who smokes weed with his nigga's bitches and has a gay ass brother named lil toni
guy 1: you heard what lil tony did with yo bitch
guy 2: nah nigga what did he do
guy 1: he fucked her good and then smoked some weed with her
guy 2: well there's nothing i can do

guy 1: true

guy 3: you know lil tony's bro is gay right
guy 1 and 2: my nigga it's 2018 what's wrong with you
by big black bus June 13, 2018
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short for 'Pretty Tony'or 'Tony Montana', used as Southern Slang for a pretty boy, pimp or hustler (drug dealer)
Look at 'Lil'Tony' making all of the moves.
by J. Woody September 25, 2003
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1) A very small penis and/or scrotum.
2) Appears to be that of a 8 year old boy's genitalia.
Erica laughed when she saw Scooter's 1 inch lil' Tony.
by Diego January 16, 2003
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