To go out (to a bar or someones place) for a short duration of time.

short trippingshort stayshort tripshort stayingshort
JD: Hey, how's it going. Sorry I can't stay, I've got to be awake at 6 o'clock tomorrow.
Regis: There's nothing wrong with "staying short"/"going short"/"short tripping".

You go to a bar with the intent of being there only to be seen, have one drink, see someone that is conveniently available and GTFO (get the f**k out) as soon as possible.
by JD Hall October 17, 2007
During Trip Short People Month, also known as “December,” you can trip anyone 5’6” or under
A: Why did you trip me?
B: Because it’s Trip Short People Month, and you’re 5’4”
A: I measured myself over break! I’m 5’5”!
B: That’s a fucking lie, but it makes no difference
by nattycowdoy December 2, 2021