Ride wife?
Life good.
Wife fight back.

Wife gone.
Think about wife...

'Ride Wife? Life Good' is a gorilla meme from YouTube
John: ''Hey Prudence, look at that gorilla''
Prudence: ''Oh Wow, it is magnificent..... Ride Wife?''
John: ''Life Good.''

Ride wife? Life good. Gorilla rides his wife
by Green primroses September 29, 2020
ride wife

life good
wife fight back
kill wife
wife gone
think about wife
by Nutmeister September 23, 2020
The Good Life, mentioned by Kanye West is about living life drama and worry free. Do your thing, be thankful for what you have, and take full advantage of everything you do have while still improving on your situation. The Good Life usually consists of being healthy, having confidence, having fun, partying and hooking up with sexy girls but varies from each person. Try not to become jealous of other people and don’t make a big deal out of everything in life. Just live your life, have fun, be positive, and you will be living The Good Life.
Grab a beer, pull up a seat, and relax. Welcome to The Good Life
by KingsIey April 15, 2009
Another of Saddle Creeks bands, fronted by Tim Kasher of Cursive. Originating in Omaha, Nebraska.
I think the Good Life is much better than Cursive.

Tim Kasher's vocal shine through the Good Life
by meb March 16, 2005