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Short for libertarian communist, an umbrella term for communust ideologies that are libertarian, aka against the state or minarchist. Dislikes the soviet union and their authoritarian system, instead favoring workplace democracy and self management and the establishment of communes rather than a strong, centralized state.
P1: Wasn't the spanish civil war between stalinist and fascists?
P2: Nah man, you forgot the independence movements, anarchists and libcoms.
by Rosadoni December 02, 2020
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I am a melomaniac.
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A "libertarian communist" forum. Full of self-righteous idiots with their heads up their asses. Not really anarchists, mostly just closet Marxists who don't understand the concept of disagreement
libcom user 1: Jolly mate, do you agree with Bakunin's theory of XYZ?

libcom user 2: FASCIST!!!!

by Slick1234 February 23, 2009
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