Game played with dollar bills. Everyone gets their dollar out and uses the serial number to obtain their "hand" The only thing that counts here is high card, then pairs, then three of a kind, then four of a kind, then five of a kind, then six of a kind and so forth... There are no straights, flushes, full houses. The key here is that you use EVERYBODYS dollar to make the best hand. So the more players there are, the better hands there will be.

You have to call a higher hand than the last guy that called, so eventually if you can't beat what he called you have to lie, if you think he lied, you call bullshit on him.
The five of us played liars poker, the first guy said 9, the second guy said pair of 2's, the third guy said pair of 8's the fourth guy said 3 6's, the fifth guy said 4 2's, the fifth guy said 5 2's... the next guy called bullshit and we all looked at everyones dollar and there were only 4 total 2s in our dollars...
by teabag March 1, 2007
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