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The lgbtq community is not a threat to the Bible, and god said stfu 🤪
by X0legna December 6, 2020
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the LGBTQ community is basically a community where there is L for lesbians there may also be different types like butch or lipstick lesbian and etc while as for the G known as gay B for bisexuality T for trans people Q for queer basically anyone in the LGBTQ there is many types of people involved in this community whether it is gender identity or sexuality along with people that are asexual while as for people that think that the Q is for questioning no it is not i am very sure that the Q is for queer and questioning is actually bi curious where you're wondering still or you can simply not put a label on it
guy : i think im questioning my sexuality

girl : well i may assume you might be bi curious so maybe the LGBTQ community articles on sexuality may help as well!!
by ahaha,,sanriogoth October 12, 2020
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