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Leylanie is a pretty girl but she can make an annoying sister she is kind, smart, and pretty leylanie is a very kind person she has a kind personality it does not matter how she looks in the outside it matters in the inside if you know or have a leylanie great for you if you dont know a leylanie find one
A leylanie is a very kind person they can be annoying sometimes be kind to a leylanie cuz when their mad their mad
by Unknown_175 May 30, 2017
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Leylanie is very shy girl and only shows her true self to people that she loves. She’s a loyal person and has a weird but cool personality. She’s beautiful and amazing inside out. She is a very caring person and gives out good advice. She’s a girl who’s has been through a lot but still makes it with a smile everyday. She’s also is a fighter but only what she believes is right. She also thinks she isn’t good enough but we all know she is. Leylanie also doesn’t take any bullshit so never try her.
Oh wow is she a Leylanie !?
by Jehoshapnd October 18, 2018
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A loud beautiful and outgoing person, usually very friendly and becomes friends with everybody she meets.
Did you see Leylanie she looks beautiful today
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Leylanie is a loud and outgoing person. Usually funny and is found a very attractive female. She is a great friend and she loves friends and family
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