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Leyi is beautiful inside and out.
Leyi is a common chinese name
Leyi is skinny
Leyi is amazing
Leyi is a nice friend but sometimes a bitch.
Person one: "Have u met Leyi?"
Person two: "Yes! Shes amazing!"
by Mynameisname3559 April 14, 2014
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Leyi is a beautiful and pretty girl inside out with a heart of gold. Leyi is usually a nice friend but can be a bitch sometimes. She is incredibly loyal to her friends, if you happen to bully them, you will see a ugly side of her. Many girls usually bully her because of her pretty looks and the way boys stare at her. She is extremely hot with an amazing face and body. Though she may have a tough exterior, inside she is a little vulnerable, in need of people to love and care for her.
Person one: "Look at that bitch with all that boys."
Person two: "Well you can't blame her. That's Leyi!"
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by NamelessPerson123 September 14, 2017
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