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Leyana is a great friend who loves boy bands she has a beautiful voice and look she is very smart,friends with so much people (including me) she has a great smile that will make anybody's day she likes to draw and listen to music and if you have a problam you always go to her.
Guy:1 what's that beautiful voice coming from?
Guy:2 oh it's Leyana ,wanna see her?
Guy:1 yes wow she's beautiful.

Guy:3 yap and she's an amazing friend.
by Someone who loves Leyana January 06, 2018
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Leyana is a short, thick, beautiful, funny girl, who sometimes gets self conscience of her body, but loving and sometimes crazy and weird.
Laughs a lot
Wow, you are so stunning Leyana!
by Nena7935 June 18, 2018
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someone who belongs in Alabama because of their weird obsession with the country life style and music.
if were going to kentucky lets invite the homie leyana
by kindaUrDad May 21, 2019
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