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Basically the main point of the game World Of Warcraft. Although when half the players reach it they realize that they wasted about 3 months at the least of their lives on a worthless game. No fun activities exist at level 60 so eventually World of Warcraft will become a noob's playground and blizzard's demise.
by Joe Pugliese November 25, 2006

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A very crappy game that i would probably get shot for playing.
Me: Dude i just started playing world of warcraft! ITS AWESOME!!!!!
Good Friend: *Cocks Gun*
by Joe Pugliese November 27, 2006

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1. A very perverted movie made by Pixar. You may think this is a safe kid movie but really it contains pervertions such as, but not limited to :

Main character named Woody, talking about a boner.

Character named Buzz Lightyear, Talking about shaving pubes quickly.

The Movie Title is a reference to Sex Toys.

Blind Person: Dude I went to see Toy Story the other day and I'm utterly disturbed by what they deem "Rated G" these days!

Little Kid: Dad can i please get a Toy to play alongside my Woody?!?
by Joe Pugliese March 22, 2007

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