Plesantly shaped vaginal lips. Keith Burtons well proportioned.
"Come on Nik, I know it's our first night together but I really want you to take me to bed and lose me forever."

"Okay Ali, let the dog see the rabbit."

"Oh Nik, you say the sexiest things."

"Hmm. Nice lettuce leaf."

by The Strut October 25, 2004
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(V.) A phrase used when referring to a chick you find extremely attractive, i.e. One whose ass you would wipe with a lettuce leaf, and then eat said leaf.
"Dude, check her out! I'd so lettuce leaf her!"
by ChockNorris November 11, 2017
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The iconic phrase TikTok star, Evil Queen aka EQ used to describe Elphaba's new green gown from primark.
Elphaba: *Appears on TikTok live*
EQ: Hello my little lettuce leaf!
by FK2COOL July 30, 2023
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Bomb Ass Weed, Very Green & Aesthetically appealing.
Yo, I heard Chauncey got the plug for that lettuce Leaf, That mf owes me 30 dollaz i'm finna make him smoke me out.

Ja'Bryan always has the best Lettuce Leaf man. But La'Randy always gives me the low for that Lettuce Leaf!
by GeddyFribbs February 16, 2017
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