An old coach of mine told me that if I was ever worried that a girl I was with had STDs, to take a lemon wedge and slide it in THERE. If she screams, she's got an STD.

It was, by far, the absolute dumbest piece of advice anyone's given me. But it's still pretty funny. Even funnier since he got fired a year later for hitting on a chick who was his babysitter.
... that would make for a sour puss
by Thanatos March 31, 2005
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To test a woman you just met for STDs, when you are about to go at it, slide a freshly cut lemon wedge across her coochie. If she screams, she has some funk.
She kicked me out of bed when I slipped her the lemon test.
by etymxris March 31, 2005
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The process of checking to see if the girl you are about to get it on with has any STDs (open sores). While making out, secretly apply some lemon juice to your fingers (you don't actually use a lemon wedge morons) and then rub/insert said fingers into her "warm and fuzzy area". If she begins to scream, cringe, or show pain in any way chances are she has open sores and most likely an STD.
When Jojo was making out with Becky he secretly dabbed his fingers in some lemon juice and gave her the lemon test. When she started to complain about it burning he knew she had the funk!
by Firesole03 June 13, 2011
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When you squeeze a lemon down a chicks back and let the juices run down to her ass crack to her vagina to see if she screams to check for STD's.
Jessie Shawn De Leon brought a crack whore home from Sherlocks to smash papas with in San Antonio Tx but before he got down to business he gave her the lemon test, the bitch screamed like a banshee and he said "BITCH!!! Get the fuck out!!!! And so she did.
by ROOSTER ROOSTER COCK November 20, 2010
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