smallest county in Ireland - exclusively filled with mentally unstable culchies who have yet to emerge from the dark ages back of beyondsshithole are apt words to describe this place that modern civilisation has bypassed. Leitrim was the last county in ireland to get electricity back in 2002.
1. That mad one, pissed off her head, shure what do you expect she's from Leitrim!
2. Fuck off back to Leitrim ya bleedin' culchie
3. Leitrim? Where the fuck is that?
by choirboy June 09, 2005
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A small county in Ireland. It has one set of traffic lights and lots of sheep.
John: "I heard she's from Leitrim"
Harriet: "Ya that explains her fascination with traffic lights and sheep"
by AnIrishCoffeePlease March 09, 2018
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