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Something that is clearly not genuine, yet is passed off as such. Such statements or claims are bolstered with absurd credentials that are patently false and easily disproved.
I am a legitomite inventor. I invented chairs, clouds and the concept of irony. You can check my references with the Bureau of All Things Legitomite.
by met2art March 31, 2011
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A word used to express extreme badassery, maturity, sexiness and on occasion, holy penis size. Often used as a much more fantastic and meaningful synonym for dynomite.
Person 1: Did you just have sex with three girls while playing YYZ by Rush on the drums, cooking pancakes and kicking Mike Tyson's ass?
Person 2: Suredizzle.
Person1: Legit-o-mite!

Girl: Oh my gosh! He has a 9 inch penis! And it glows! It is so legit-o-mite!
by King of FUPA December 13, 2010
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