Either the bravest SOB in World of Warcraft history, or the stupidest; depending on your point of view. Rushed into an enemy stronghold alone, roaring his name; forcing the rest of his guild to follow and turning their chances of victory from 32.33(repeating)% to zero. At least he has chicken.

To "pull a Leeroy Jenkins" is to rush into a dangerous situation alone without following strategy, forcing your allies to follow and leading to the inevitable, definitive, graphic demise of your team. In essence, your entire team got wombo comboed because of you. If you don't try to laugh this off by saying, "At least I have chicken", or at the very least acknowledge your foolishness, you not only fail at the game, you fail at life.
Note: NEVER try to pull a Leeroy Jenkins if you're an actual member of the military. Chances are no one will make it out alive. And you won't even have chicken to comfort you.
"All right chums, let's do this. LEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY Jeeeeeenkins!"
"You really pulled a leeroy jenkins on that one, dumbass."
by MoKiller April 9, 2015
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1: One who does not grasp the concept of caution.
2: One whose success is based purely off relentless aggression and pure luck.
3: One who likes chicken.
4: One whose battle cry consists of their own name.

1: To destroy all hopes of success.
2: To rush headlong into danger without regard to consequences.
3: To satisfy one's own desires at the expense of all around oneself.

"omg he just ran in"

"goddamn it leeroy"

Leeroy Jenkins
by V.C.C. September 28, 2006
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someone who is so wreckless in a video game that it is downright insane
oh my god leeroy jenkins stop you'll get us all killed!
by fishlover21 June 18, 2016
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Leeroy Jenkins- Doing it Leeroy Jenkins Style. Meaning to do something so bloody wild that youll be talked about for months because it was bloody insane.
Running into a Boss in a dungeon in World of Warcraft Solo Taking on mobs of up to 100 all level 55 screaming "LEEEEERRROOOOYYY JJJJENNNKKINNSSSS!!!"

The above is a classic example of "Doin it Leeroy Jenkins Style"
by Bazwalt July 8, 2005
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is apparently stupid as hell, but at least possesses chicken.
Leeroy Jenkins went from gaming in-joke to world-wide fame.
by Quint Sakugarne January 8, 2007
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When you and your partner discuss at long the intentions of your sexual persuits right before you make love. Then at the last second the male abandons all this and screams, "Leeroy Jenkins!" and just penetrates and goes to town.
We spent an hour cuddling and "planning" last night before me and my wife were going to do it. Then right when she was ready to start pulled The Leeroy Jenkins, screwed the plan and went right in!
by Grenbail June 15, 2007
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Leeroy Jenkins is defined as a soldier or person to engage in a conflict so as to inspire his fellow soldiers or friends to join in the fray regardless of circumstances or odds of survival.

The term is derived from a legendary soldier in the online PC game World Of Warcraft in which Leeroy Jenkins interrupts his comrades during a moment of strategizing on the outset of an imminent battle to which their odds of survival are 32.33% and screams his now famous battle cry, "LEEEEEEERRRROOOYYY JENKINS!" and charges into enemy territory. Leeroy's spontaneous outburst and act of bravery shocks and inspires his fellow soldiers and they too charge after Leeroy. The battle ultimately ends in a decisive defeat leaving no survivers thus immortalizing Leeroy Jenkins as the embodiment of bravery and sacrifice.

The courageous act was recorded and posted on youtube in 2006. just type Leeroy Jenkins into the search field.

The event has been referenced on many flatforms and mediums such as the popular television show Final Jeopardy and also on The Howard Stern Show.
The term can also be used to desribe an event, example:
"we got our asses kicked the other night at the bar. The whole goddamned thing was a Leeroy Jenkins."

Or used as a verb, example: "I will Leroy Jenkins your ass!"
by LemonAIDS February 18, 2011
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