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A history or alternate history fan who is firmly entrenched in the belief that the Confederate States of America should have or even did win the American Civil War. Leeaboos are obsessed with an alternative history that "could have been" and do not like historical facts getting in the way of their militaristic fantasies. Many feverently believe in Northern Aggression, the Lost Cause of the South, the Myth of the Black Confederate which is the retroactive conscription of dead black Union soldiers and slaves into the CSA army.

Based on the similar-sounding term "weeaboo" (a catch-all definition for Japanophiles).
Oh good another Leeaboo is here to whitesplain how slaves loved their master so much that they took bullets for them...
by Swiftright June 18, 2016
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(n) A non-Asian who plays League of Legends. Sometimes shortened to Leeb.
Matt: Why is Alex playing League? He's not even Asian.
Daniel: Don't you know? He's the biggest leeaboo there is.
Matt: Wow, what a fucking leeb.
by Suburbanlinguist August 06, 2016
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