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A relatively common surname of Irish origin. Originally meaning 'heroic one'.
That person is exceptionally attractive; they must be a Leahy.
by ellyn October 25, 2006
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Computer lab, administrative building, and DPS stronghold at the Catholic University of America.

Typically it is inhabited by large African-American security personnel, bizarre international students, and one or two senile faculty members--unless it's finals, in which case it is impossible to find an open seat in the computer lab due to the mass influx of cramming undergrads.
CUA student #1: Damn, finals sucks. Where are you gonna be all week?

CUA student #2: I'm poppin a few addies and pullin an all-nighter in club leahy.
by CUAstudent February 28, 2010
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(1) a term used to describe a cheesy come on to a woman that surprisingly works

(2) a line used by a male with terrible game to impress a member of the opposite sex

(3) a series of words stolen from a harlequin romance novel re-told with the hopes of getting some action
Example #1
Random guy: "Baby are you tired? Because you have been running through my mind all day."
Random Girl: You think a leahy like that is going to work on me?
by Tipper603 October 14, 2010
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Often associated with college boys that are shorter than five feet in height, also look to be associated with down syndrome, or other disfiguring diseases, mixed with a type of dwarfism.
Oh! Look at that guy! He looks like a Leahy!
by jshgisdfhgiah June 27, 2010
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To be passionate about tv experiences and online gaming experiences. To obsess over tv shows like the wire or game of thrones. To research about tv shows and video games and go on reddit all day. Also, the leahy beats video games in a weekend.
Game of thrones isnt good, why are you so leahy.
by JayTayLayHay September 18, 2013
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A special breed of human who can simpley possess ones mind with a glance. You will be forced into submission by your desire for them.
Wow will I’m feeling leahyed!
by Heheyup March 08, 2019
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