Leaving but spelled in a funny way to make fun of someone.
- Mark said he's leabing cause we made fun of him.
by I'm extremely bored :/ March 28, 2020
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(v.) To leave. But more specifically, to leave abruptly in a childish huff - often accompanied by a self-indulgent speech about how everyone around the "leaber" made them do it.
Chad told them they weren't worth his time anymore and that he was going to leab the group.
by Jacaranda March 22, 2019
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A mixture of vodka, cough syrup, coca-cola, and cocaine that will get the user very high. Infamous for the death of four fraternity pledges in 1987. Also known as Texas Slush.
Dude, there’s gonna be Leab at the party tonight, wanna come?
No thanks, I heard it’s really dangerous.
by HubertSwaggins March 24, 2022
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Someone who doesn't know what leab means. It's a very meta word, because the only way to know what it means is to not be one.

It can be used to taunt, as you can only call someone a leab if they don't know what leab means, which can be frustrating.
"Hey you, you're such a leab!"

"Leab is the most meta word ever."
by Theantileab April 3, 2013
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