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what LMAO sounds like when pronounced phonetically. sometimes used on web forums to denote sarcasm when "laughing" at a non-humorous joke. may also be used to express genuine amusement, depending on the context.
n00b: "random shitty joke or repost"

forum regular: le mayo.
by bikehorn86 January 18, 2007
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1. A fat penguin
2. laughing along when really you think someone is insane
3.stroking a grandads bald patch with some mayonise
4. can be used when annoyed at a significant other
1. Oh my good god look at that penguin... it's sooo lemayo
2. HaHaHaHaHAHA!.. that kid is wayy lemayo
3. its okay grandad.. its all lemayo
4. "grow up and stop being so lemayo" or "get over it we cant all be as lemayo as you"
by Annabelle & Hayley February 20, 2009
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