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the opposite of aggressive/ambitious sex; although the man's penis may be fully erect, his entire body remains in a comatose state; during intercourse the female may reach her orgasmic peak but the male very well may have been incapacitated for over an hour
Damn Brent. This chick won't stop talking about the birthday present you gave her, what did you give her? Nothing special, I think? Just some lazy dick and a milkshake, I don't remember?
by Jungle Junky June 14, 2010
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When a female is in a position when her legs are spread out and her hands are supporting her body (such as she is giving birth) and the Male will sit on her with his penis inserted in her vagina and the female must move up and down very fast (humping) thus making him a lazy dick
by Lazy dick January 20, 2009
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A penis that will not become erect for any one (or thing) accept your own hand.
guy #1- hey.
guy #2- what.
guy#1- i got a nasty case of lazy dick
guy #2 ah man, that sucks. Joe got lazy dick a month ago and still has not fully recovered
by mister moosecock October 23, 2011
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