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A layomi is normally the most goofiest person. They are funny and have the loudest goofiest laugh. They are also so beautiful and have the best smile. They can make anyone laugh so hard. They also strive to be their best in life. They work very hard in school and grind to be the best in life. Most Layomi's are West African so it's lit. They bring light into people's eyes and are the best people to go in time of need. Not only are they sympathetic but they will get you feeling so much better real quick. They also give the best advice ever. They give to people and don't ever get angry if they don't get anything in return. They have a beautiful personality everyone should have a layomi in their life. They are also always smiling and happy. They also laugh at everything even if it's not funny. They also have a little sassiness at some times.
I said something that was lowkey funny in class today and layomi starting laughing for a good 10min.
by Dumbest March 15, 2017
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