usually found in Jersey or the west coast, bros enjoy chilling, getting (road?) head or dome, playing lax, and drinking Natty light. they make their bitches get them sandwiches and think women should stay in the kitchen. a common habit of a bro is to fuck a girl and then her mom/sister. they are douches. good examples at mylifeisbro.com
Bro 1: hey bro, did you fuck my sister?

Bro 2:yeah, then she made me a sandwich and gave me dome. ice me.

Bro 1: you're chill.

Bro 2: wanna have a sweet lax sesh?

these are some chill lax bro conversations
by ishouldbeinthekitchen August 30, 2010
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The clothing of a lax bro: hats (fitted, trucker, college lax hats), bright colors, and have long hair (flow). Shorts all year round, and mid calf socks. Do they wear shirts? Maybe, but you're more likely to find them in a pennie. Their vocabulary mainly consists of: word, bro, gnarly, stoked, flow, etc."
The Ultimate Lax Bro "Hey bros! Anyone care to lax?"
by shroom.toon June 18, 2010
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A chill dude who fucks bitches, smokes pot, and play lacross. Envied by the entire school. Known for their long hard sticks.
Dude i wish i could be a lax bro and get all the bitches.
by brotastic123433 April 04, 2011
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an indivdual of a group of douche bag lacrosse players. No matter where you go they are hated on, but they still think they are the shit.
If you see a guy with high top untied nikes with long hair and an over sized fitted hat with an ugly bright colored shirt then you know you are looking at a lax bro.

by Dave Greenberg November 24, 2008
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a guy who thinks they are so chill, wears pastels, has homosexual hair flow, wears khaki or plaid shorts, usually polos, and bro hats like truckers or any beaten up hat with many rips.

they are usually very cocky, love beer, can't fight, and are just all around homosexuals

they usually go to a stupid boarding school and play for their schools team. they occasionally come back to where they grew up to see their old friends who are very low on the bro scale, which can be a problem.
lax bro 1: bro lets have a lax sesh!

lax bro 2: yea dude i just bought 3 dildos so we should have enough this time!
by twiaf June 13, 2009
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