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Noun: a slang term for someone who acts like an English hooligan. It is believed to have originated from the bias English pundit Mark Lawrenson, but this is contested. Its use is mainly restricted to Scotland and some Welsh cities.

You typically find large groups of lawros at destinations where the English national football team plays in competitions or any Southern European town/city where they used to film the series "Boozed up Brits Abroad" such as Benidorm.
1. Guy 1: Here Throbbo man, how much of a lawro was that guy the other night.

Guy 2: Totally eh, he was wasted, and swinging his England top around his head knocking into everyone.
2. Guy 1: I told you before that Benidorm is a Lawro hotbed (after seeing large groups of english football fans singing 10 german bombers)
Guy 2: I know right. 10 german bombers is the lawro warcry.
2. Guy 1: Mate I can't believe there are so may lawros here, I've had to spend most the evening deflecting them (after finding himself in a club containing 90% lawros)
Guy 2: I've had to do the same. Let's get more smashed so we can deal with their lawro chat.
by paperback rhino January 06, 2017
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