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Lawnfuckery is the act of excessive yard work, usually the variety of yard work that is loud and disruptive to the outdoor activities of neighbors within earshot. Lawnfuckery is typically perpetrated by elderly, unattractive, mean women who look like elderly, unattractive mean men. This includes, but is not limited to: leaf blowing for more than 2 hours straight, mowing the lawn more than 2 times per week (usually while other neighbors are having a cookout), weed whacking the lawn for 2+ hours straight, crawling on ones hands and knees plucking the possibilities of saplings from the earth and collecting any maple tree seeds (aka: helicopters) that have landed in the grass, gathering fallen twigs, branches and leaves from ones yard that have come from a neighbors tree and then tossing them back over said neighbors privacy fence, regardless of children possibly playing in that yard, and any other obsessive compulsive activities regarding yard work.
It is such a beautiful day, I'd love to open the windows and enjoy it, but the old bitches next door are once again engaging in lawnfuckery.
by LadyRafferty March 03, 2015
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