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The result of a small non-life threatening virus entering the cranial cavity. Victims with this disease laugh at the stupidest of words and phrases, and sometimes can erupt into strange body motions which resemble a partial seizure. When an 'attack' comes around, they tend to head straight to the floor, rolling around heaving and laughing so hard it looks like they are in serious agony. Ironically enough, the number one cause for an 'attack' on someone with laughabiliosis is when someone recites the word LAUGH immediately after the person's name.

The origination of this disease seems to have been linked to the KGB but no source can confirm this information.
Non-infected person

Ash, I've been meaning to tell you...I cooked turkey for dinner.

Infected person:

.....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *insert seizure here*
by Dave January 09, 2005
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