a vampire at heart. good at spider solitaire...but not chemistry. has found multiple lovers recently, but unfortunately none have worked out...yet. she can drink a bottle of burnettes like its nobody's business. loves her dog more than life. also good at picking things up with her toes...tends to stay in her room, especially when it rains. is a fish-trainer. vegetarian.
Larrabee laid lazily, located locally in her lofted, luscious, lair. Loves lemurs.
by larrabeelover December 1, 2009
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A really funny (most likely) guy that even if he makes dad jokes you will still laugh. Hes very good looking and has a good personality. He has blue eyes like the ocean, brown fluffy hair, a nice body, and always treats kids good. If your ever going to marry someone marry a Camden. although he loves making inappropriate jokes and says the n word a lot i still love him with all my heart. (p.s. he keeps guns in his room so be careful and don't mess with him.)
Go marry a Camden Larrabee rn >:)
by CamdensWife March 22, 2022
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A gay male who dose not know how to controle himself around any lacie,meghan,or lia. he gets bad grades and sucks on his imaginary boyfriends toes. If he dated a girl than he would make her wear a strap on and do it from behind.
Thats a alexander larrabee move.
by meeeeeeeee girl October 16, 2018
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Full of crap . very relived when its gone . usally gets to reved up
by Superfixit October 29, 2020
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is the most anyoeing person on earth but can still kick ur ass
woow this chick is such a hayley larrabee
by jacky chan1234567890 January 17, 2013
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