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You wanna shoot paint balls at some hotdog stands near the speedway? No, okay lets go laugh at that larmoose.
by 10-90 May 23, 2003
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A false and ficticious name for the always classic mullet. This term was created one evening between two college room-mates /soul-mates if you prefer, over a bottle of Boone's Farm and during commerical breaks for the television show "Small Wonder." Larmoose was a term created to brainwash unsuspecting farm boys who simply didn't know any better than to trust the big butt and a smile.
Hey Tiki, you see that farm boy over there? He looks so sweet and innocent, I think he's new in town. Bet you a bottle of Boone's Farm that he'll soon be a believer in the Larmoose! Lets do it later girl, Punky Brewster's on!
by The Farm boy May 16, 2010
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